Member Statement- Day for Daniel 2019

My colleague Stuart Grimley and I were privileged to join the sea of red on the Sunshine Coast last Friday for the annual Day for Daniel, a national day of action to raise funds and awareness for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.  Denise and Bruce Morcombe attended our #ENOUGHISENOUGH rally in Wangaratta in 2016 and it was wonderful to see them again and support Day for Daniel.

The day that Daniel Morcombe was abducted is etched in the minds and hearts of Australians.  So too, is the heartbreak of the days, weeks, months and years that followed, a time of torment for Daniel’s family who were desperate for their son to be returned to them.  Daniel Morcombe should be approaching his 30th birthday this December, he should have been a teenager, finished school, got his licence, pursued further study or work, found love, all of the experiences in the journey from child to adult.

From the depths of their despair, Denise and Bruce Morcombe established the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to promote child safety.  The Foundation is widely acclaimed and provides educational resources to schools, parents, carers and children; as well as direct support to young survivors of crime.

In the last year, there were more than 10,000 victims of crime across Victoria who were children.  More than half of these children were aged under 14. We MUST ensure the protection of children, the safety of children, is our highest priority. I thank Bruce and Denise Morcombe for their work, their courage, their dedication, to keeping children safe.  And we will never forget Daniel.