25 September 2020

Member for Northern Victoria, Tania Maxwell MP has written to Premier Daniel Andrews asking for dance studios to be reclassified under the regional roadmap and allowed to reopen across regional Victoria.

Ms Maxwell has been contacted by numerous dance studio operators across Northern Victoria asking for assistance on the basis of their confidence in being able to operate safely and within COVID-safe guidelines.

Dance studios in regional areas were already safely operating after the first lockdown and they also typically restrict participant numbers and observe physically distancing as part of their usual practices, especially for children’s classes, in any case.  This extends to limited personal contact and parents generally waiting outside for dropping-off and picking-up their children outside in order to reduce congestion.

There have been zero cases with an unknown origin over the last 14 days in regional Victoria and Ms Maxwell said that should provide the Government with the confidence to extend reopening for a number of sectors including dance and performing arts, health and fitness and galleries.

Quotes by Tania Maxwell MP

“Sport and recreational activities are fundamental to health and wellbeing and inconsistencies in the roadmap continue to prove very frustrating for businesses, particularly in regions where there are no active cases.”

“Many of these businesses are forced to remain shut in towns that have not had a single recorded case of the virus.”

“I’m asking for the Premier to make sensible adjustments to allow more sectors to reopen in a safe way.”