My constituency question is for the Attorney-General.

It follows numerous concerns raised with me by constituents in Beechworth about the whereabouts of a recently-released sex offender.

Obviously, sex offenders who complete their sentences are released into our communities to try and resume normal lives and integrate back into what can be unfamiliar environments and circumstances.

Some move forward and don’t re-offend, but others despicably use their freedom, second chance and anonymity to continue to prey on people, including young children.

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party has always publicly condemned those who engage in the sickening and abhorrent crime of child abuse.  We believe it is important to be proactive to protect all children from experiencing sexual abuse.

It is within that context that I ask the Attorney-General to clarify under what circumstances or conditions someone previously convicted of sexually assaulting 16 young boys would be free to live within close proximity of a school, to change their name and to work where children are present?