My question is to the Minister for Public Transport.  Since my last question about the North East Rail Line, there have been even more instances of woeful performance – including as a result of:

  • a two-train crash at the notoriously roughly surfaced crossing at Barnawatha;
  • repeated signalling issues;
  • multiple track and equipment faults; and
  • industrial action.

Increasingly it now takes less time to fly from Melbourne to places like Jakarta, Singapore and Port Moresby than it does to travel by V/Line to Wodonga. I am therefore worried the Victorian Government perhaps agrees with the sentiments of the Canberra-based Infrastructure Australia – which staggeringly doesn’t regard a proposed upgrade to this completely decrepit Line as an immediate priority.  Can the Minister clarify for the long suffering passengers on this line, whether the urgent and extensive improvements will be made  -and if so,  when?