My question is to the Minister for Mental Health.

In Mitchell Shire, in my electorate:

  • 75% of mental illnesses in residents develop before the age of 25;
  • around 7% of people (as opposed to 3.9% statewide) are assessed at very high risk of developing poor mental health; and
  • 8% of people (as opposed to 12.6% statewide) report high or very high psychological distress.

Like in many other parts of Northern Victoria, these problems are exacerbated by:

  • a lack of access to appropriate and accessible local mental health services;
  • workforce shortages;
  • poor visibility of service options;
  • limited early intervention and integration; and
  • an absence of a capability framework to guide transitions care.

I therefore ask: what actions is the Government taking to address each of the six key mental health priorities listed on page 10 of Mitchell Shire Council’s official advocacy document for 2020?