My question is to the Corrections Minister.

It relates to very serious concerns raised with me that, at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre in my electorate, high-speed internet access has, inexplicably, recently become available to detainees.

Shockingly, I am informed that this has meant, among other fallout, that:

  • at least one inmate has recently been able to make uninvited, and therefore highly traumatising, online contact with a victim of their crimes; and
  • dozens of detainees have been regularly downloading and viewing pornographic material on their taxpayer-funded laptops.

Especially bearing in mind that many of the Centre’s workers (at the front line of dealing with these problems) are constituents of mine, I ask the Minister: are any or all of these claims true and, if so, what specific actions have been taken by Corrections Victoria and/or the Government in relation to them?