Constituency Question- Relocation Incentives

My question (on behalf of a constituent) is to the Treasurer. Recently, the Education Minister announced that teachers will be offered incentives of up to $50,000 to re-locate to regional schools – including, I assume, to any school in the Northern Victoria electorate. I ask the Treasurer to clarify if similar incentives will also be made available to workers in other sectors (and, if so, which sectors) who may be interested in re-locating specifically to the Northern Victoria region, given the widespread difficulty across many fields in attracting employees to our electorate. If that will not be the case, can he please explain why it has been decided that it will only be to the education sector that these re-location incentives will be made available?

Question without Notice- Council resourcing for bush fire prevention and management

My question is to the Minister for Local Government, Mr Somyurek. It is about the status of the ‘Councils and emergencies project’ overseen by Local Government Victoria, especially as it relates to bushfire management and prevention activity in regional areas of the State. I believe work on that project started back in 2016 with a view to enhancing the capability and capacity of local councils in emergency management.  However, I understand there may recently have been slippage in the scheduled timelines for the project. Given this apparent delay to its completion date, can the Minister indicate that new date – and whether (in the interim) the Government will be increasing resourcing specifically to improve councils’ preparedness for emergency situations?  I ask this especially in relation to the current bushfire season.

Constituency Question- Police resourcing in North East Victoria

My question is to the Police Minister. It is my understanding that, as part of the Government’s ‘Be a Force for Good’ campaign, 10 new police officers have recently been recruited to what is known as Eastern Region Division 4, within North-East Victoria in my electorate.
It has also been suggested to me that these 10 officers have been recruited to work predominantly on family violence matters in the area.
I therefore ask the Minister if she could clarify the specific reasons for the assignment of those 10 new officers to that region – and, if it has indeed been to address family violence, whether it means there has been a rise in these offences and/or an increased risk of these offences in the area recently?

Constituency Question- North East Rail Line

My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport, and it is about the ongoing “Third World” performance of trains on the north-east rail line. Specifically I refer to the atrocious punctuality figure for October of just 30.1 per cent. This is the worst number ever recorded in the historical monthly data on the V/Line website and means that less than one in every three trains are arriving even within the 11 minutes leeway allowed. The government is promising a completed north-east rail line upgrade at some time in the future. The Premier also advised my constituents last week to ‘just stick with us’. However, I ask the minister: what actions are specifically being taken in the meantime to urgently improve punctuality statistics that cause so many difficulties for passengers and are so completely unacceptable?

Constituency question- Yarrawonga/Mulwala Bridge

My constituency question is for the Minister for Roads.

It is about the longstanding desire of my constituents in Yarrawonga and surrounding areas for a new Yarrawonga-Mulwala bridge crossing to be constructed.

Constituency Question- Kinglake fuel load

My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. It relates to the mounting concerns about the now extreme rating of fuel loads in Victoria’s east central fire zone, covering many towns in my electorate.

Question without Notice- TAFE access

My question is to the Minister for Training and Skills, Minister Tierney.

There are more than 82,000 students across Victoria currently sitting VCE exams.  We know that, even amid the elation of finishing secondary school, many young people will face an anxious time as they seek entry into further education or fields of employment that require successful completion of specific subjects.

In regional areas, this stress is often compounded by the high rates of youth unemployment, limited public transport and the tyranny of distance.

Minister: which TAFE’s in Northern Victoria provide enrolment for singular VCE subjects to students who have finished secondary school but who still need to complete a further VCE subject (or subjects), particularly to satisfy entry requirements for university, other further study and/or a specific career?

Constituency Question- Dairy Industry

My Constituency question to the State Government asked which new measures and improvements were being put in place to urgently address the devastating situation in the dairy industry across Northern Victoria.

Question without Notice- Drought assistance

My question is to the Minister for Agriculture, Ms Symes. It follows a Weekly Times article of 23 October about enormous variations in the amounts of drought assistance provided by the Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian governments respectively.

Question without Notice- Black Spur

My question is to the Minister for Roads, Ms Pulford. It follows her Ministerial Statement yesterday, and previous Question Time exchanges between us on 18 June and 13 August, about accidents and safety issues on the Black Spur road in Murrindindi.  As well as the possible development of an alternative route to it.  I obviously thank her for the range of road improvements announced in her statement yesterday – and ask, as my question today, if she could clarify whether any decisions have also been made by the Government on three other critical issues for local people.  Namely, the installation of information signage at Buxton; the small size and lack of advance notification of pullover areas; and whether the Government now has a preferred model and/or location in mind for the possible alternative route?

SUPPLEMENTARY: In relation specifically to the possible creation of an alternative route, I ask the Minister if the Government has reached any decision (and, if so, what decision) about whether it might fund and/or assist in any other way with the development of a feasibility study into that outcome?