Members Statement- 42k for $42k

People living in the community of Robinvale need to undertake a two-hour round trip to access their nearest mental health service, which often includes time off work and repeat travel as well as the costs of treatment. Luke Benham, born and bred in the area, identified that being 100km from services and resources when you’re not feeling yourself is a real barrier to getting help. Luke set about reducing the burden of mental health in Robinvale and established a fundraiser ‘42K for $42k’.

Members Statement- Year 12 and VCE

I want to send my congratulations and best wishes to all of the Year 12 students across Victoria who attended their final days of school over the past week.

Members Statement- One Giant Leap Australia

I had the pleasure to meet online with Jackie and Bob Carpenter, founders of the award-winning team at One Giant Leap Australia who deliver numerous engaging STEM programs across Australia.

Members statement- Shepparton COVID response

Today I highlighted the response of Shepparton residents to COVID testing stations in light of a recent outbreak, while urging the Government for greater testing capabilities including providing in home testing for the elderly and pre registering to shorten testing waiting times.

Members statement- Kilmore COVID response

I want to give a massive shout out to the residents of Kilmore and how they have responded to the recent coronavirus cases in their community.

Members statement- Galen VEX

The Galen Catholic College VEX team had a very exciting experience on the 8th of October, representing Australia in the inaugural Kibo Robotic Programming Challenge at the Japanese Space Agency.

Members Statement- Local Government and COVID-19 response

The response of local government across my electorate to respond to the myriad of stresses and needs of their residents has been dynamic and with a huge heart.  They have pivoted to the needs of their residents, ramped up services, created new service where there were gaps, providing financial and emotional support.  This will need to continue through the response and recovery phases and I thank them for their diligence and commitment.

Members Statement- Kiewa Valley Kindergarten funding

Kiewa Valley Kindergarten was offered a lifeline last week, with the news that the Government has now guaranteed their funding for Terms Two and Three.

Members Statement- Alicia Little

Alicia Little died on 28 December 2017, leaving a heartbroken family including four children.
Alicia sustained critical injuries after being crushed against a water tank by the car her fiancé was driving.  Her injuries were horrific and, despite efforts by attending paramedics and police, she did not survive. 

Members Statement- Cross border restrictions

Restrictions across the borders into New South Wales and South Australia continue to impact the lives of tens of thousands of people across Northern Victoria.

Over the last eight weeks, we’ve seen instances where changes to permits were imposed without 24 hours notice, valid permits were cancelled overnight and health clinicians, students, teachers, farmers, businesses and the general public were left flummoxed and uncertain about their eligibility.