Adjournment- Illegal tobacco

My matter, for the Health Minister, is about the general lack of success and enthusiasm of Victorian health officials to curtail illegal tobacco retailing.

Question without Notice – Health spending priorities

My question is to the Health Minister, Ms Mikakos. Billions of dollars of unscheduled expenditure is being spent in the health portfolio, can she now tell us how COVID-19 expenditure pressures have altered the Government’s overall future spending priorities (and savings priorities) in the Health portfolio for the remainder of the two-and-a-half years of this term of Parliament?

Constituency Question – Exemptions for retirement villages

My question is to the Minister for Consumer Affairs. Constituents within a Wangaratta retirement village are asking for reassurance that there will not be changes to the application of the exit entitlements regulation for departing residents.

Adjournment – Beechworth CFA

My matter is for the Minister for Emergency Services. I want to raise matters that are of concern, these include lack of firefighting equipment and inadequate resourcing and low morale.

Constituency Question – NEMA funding

My question is to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs. I asked the Minister to clarity whether NEMA will receive access to urgently needed and renewed funding and if so, when?

Adjournment – Mildura passenger rail

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure.
In a sense, it’s a matter that’s more than 25 years in the making – because, quite shamefully, over a quarter of a century has passed since the city of Mildura last had access to a passenger rail service.

Constituency Question – Murray Basin Rail

I asked the Minister for Transport Infrastructure is she could outline when constituents will see the new business case for the Murray Basin Rail Project.

Constituency Question- 2020 impact on Regional tourism

There are many towns in Northern Victoria that are experiencing a devastating, sustained downturn not only because of the bushfires but also the subsequent COVID-19 related decline of business activity.

Adjournment – Who’s responsibility is it?

My matter, for the Health Minister, concerns a bizarre (and unacceptable) series of events in relation to the COVID-19 testing of Tim Farmer, a constituent of mine from Sandon.

Adjourment- Youth Offending

My matter is for the Minister for Youth Justice, following the new youth justice sentencing proposals advanced this week by the Sentencing Advisory Council. We need to establish more measures and supports that deter children from offending.