Adjournment- Intervention orders

My matter is for the Attorney-General regarding the high number of intervention orders that continue to be sought and granted, even since some
well-intentioned law and policy changes in 2010.

Constituency question- Small business support

My question is for the Minister for Small Business and it relates to businesses struggling to meet the criteria for business support.

Adjournment- Offences whilst on bail

My matter is for the Attorney-General.

It relates to what I think might potentially be a gap in the State’s laws in relation to indictable offences committed by individuals while they are on bail.

Constituency question- Ambulance Community Officer training

My question is to the Minister for Ambulance Services and it relates to the recent announcement that Chiltern will now have a single paramedic with Ambulance Community Officer support.

Adjournment- Court Integrated Services Program expansion

My matter, for the Attorney-General, is about the recent commencement of an 18-month trial to expand the Court Integrated Services Program (or CISP).

Question without Notice- Alpine Health

My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Health. Built in the 1970s and 80s, the hospital in the beautiful town of Bright is no longer fit for purpose.  There are multiple, serious problems compromising its ability to maximise its provision of services and care for patients.

Constituency Question- VESEP grants

My question is to the acting Minister for Emergency Services regarding the Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program. Emergency service organisations are heavily reliant on this program to fund new equipment. 

Constituency question- Fruit fly

My constituency question is for the Minister for Agriculture regarding the highly successful Goulburn Murray Queensland Fruit Fly program.

Adjournment – Education First Youth Foyers

Education First Youth Foyers support young people who are unable to live at home or do not have a stable residential address to still have access to education. Youth receive a safe, secure accommodation while they study, and have access to further supports and skills to build their independence.

Adjournment- MBRP non-standardisation

My matter is for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure.

It’s about the Murray Basin Rail Project – a topic about which I often speak here, given its importance especially to the agriculture and transport industries in Northern Victoria.