Adjournment- Adolescent violence

My matter is for the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence.
It is about the worryingly high incidence across Victoria, over many years, of adolescent violence, especially within the home.

Speech- Victorian Law Reform Commission Amendment Bill 2020

It’s my pleasure to speak on the Victorian Law Reform Commission Amendment Bill 2020.

First of all, I’d like to commend and congratulate Mr Grimley on introducing the Bill – a Bill that goes to the heart of something that’s been a feature of a number of recent debates in this place.

And that’s the value that we should all place on ensuring that the views of the community at large are adequately and appropriately reflected when laws are made and enforced in this State.

The core principle to which this piece of legislation gives expression is the goal of more broadly liberating law reform in Victoria.

Constituency question- Malmsbury detainees’ internet access

My question is to the Corrections Minister and it relates to serious concerns at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre and that high-speed internet is available to detainees.

Members Statement- Local Government and COVID-19 response

The response of local government across my electorate to respond to the myriad of stresses and needs of their residents has been dynamic and with a huge heart.  They have pivoted to the needs of their residents, ramped up services, created new service where there were gaps, providing financial and emotional support.  This will need to continue through the response and recovery phases and I thank them for their diligence and commitment.

Adjournment- Contraband in prisons during Covid-19 restrictions

My matter is for the Minister for Corrections. It relates to the the dramatic fall in the amount of contraband that has been entering the State’s prisons during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Constituency question- Ring of steel enforcement

My question is to the Minister for Police. It relates to the Premier’s comment, at his media conference on 13 September, that there will now be greater enforcement of the so-called COVID ‘ring of steel’ administered by Victoria Police to confine movement out of Melbourne only to essential travel.

Members Statement- Kiewa Valley Kindergarten funding

Kiewa Valley Kindergarten was offered a lifeline last week, with the news that the Government has now guaranteed their funding for Terms Two and Three.

Speech- Motion: Improving Rural Public Transport Networks

Issues of transport disadvantage are of great relevance to my constituents in Northern Victoria – and we need to work earnestly together here to tackle them. I should add they are issues that are also of great interest to me at a personal
level – especially given my background as a youth worker in our part of the State.
The general lack of bus and other transport services has long been a very serious issue in many parts of rural and regional Victoria.

Question without Notice- Child protection during covid

My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Child Protection, and it is about another set of unintended consequences associated with the Government’s coronavirus response.

Constituency question- Super loaded West Gate Tunnel trucks part 2

My question is to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure and is about the decision to authorise super-loaded trucks to transport West Gate Tunnel infrastructure through Longwood and Locksley. I ask is the Minister prepared to talk first-hand to local representative bodies (such as the Strathbogie Shire Council and the Longwood Action Group) about this decision – and, if so, when will this happen?