Government cuts help in ‘ice nation’

Media statement

July 1, 2022

Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party has called on the state government to reinstate funding to the ‘gutted’ alcohol and other drugs (AOD) sector as Australia acquires an infamous reputation for having the highest reported methamphetamine use per capita in the world.

An Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) report released yesterday listed the finding based on wastewater samples taken in December 2021 and February 2022 from 56 regional and metropolitan sites covering a population of 13 million.

This comes after the Victorian government slashed funding to the alcohol and other drugs sector through the 2022-23 Budget, including the removal of a $25 million ‘COVID-19 AOD Workers Initiative’ which funded additional AOD staff.

The 2022-23 Budget made an overall cut of $39 million cut to the AOD sector when Victoria had a list of more than 4000 people waiting to receive publicly funded AOD counselling in December 2021.

The ACIC report also comes at a time when peak body Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association has asked the government for $3 million in recurring funding across Melton, Casey, Wyndham and Cardinia, where there are growing populations and significant disadvantage, to provide new services to address AOD-related harm.

Further, the government has not been forthcoming in enterprise bargaining agreement negotiations for the AOD sector, which has led to difficulties in attracting and retaining quality staff. This has exacerbated an already burnt-out, underpaid workforce.

Stuart Grimley MP, Member for Western Victoria:

“The alcohol and other drugs sector has been running on the smell of an oily rag for a long time and we are seeing the fallout of this through the ACIC report.

 “Australia is the ‘ice capital of the world’ and yet the government is scaling back investment into treatment for addicts – how does this make any sense?”

Tania Maxwell MP, Member for Northern Victoria:

“Every time an addict is turned away or asked to wait for help, we risk the safety of the community and the potential of creating more victims of crime.

“The most common breach of a community corrections order in Northern Victoria is people not attending AOD rehabilitation. How do we expect people to address their addiction if there is no place for them to check in due to lack of funding and staff resourcing?”

Controlling fruit fly

Constituency question

Tania MAXWELL (Northern Victoria) (12:43): (1869)

My constituency question is to the Minister for Agriculture in the other place regarding ongoing funding for management of fruit fly in Northern Victoria.

High numbers of Queensland fruit fly have recently been found in table grape vineyards across Sunraysia, demonstrating that management of this pest will be an ongoing challenge for industry, community and government. We know the fruit fly management programs work. The Goulburn Murray fruit fly areawide management program recently received an industry award for their work. In addition to our growers, fruit fly needs to be managed in the community and on public land. This is not just an industry issue. The government needs to stay at the table and continue to pay its share.

This is an ongoing issue and one that I have raised before, so my question to the minister is: will she give an assurance to growers in my electorate and commit to continued government funding for the management of Queensland fruit fly?

Finish the Murray Basin rail project

The Murray Basin rail project is a key project, and I hope the government finds a way to get our fair share of funding to deliver it.

Save Wangaratta Digital Hub

The Wangaratta Digital Hub has run out of state funding and will be forced to close without government support.

Reforming mental impairment defence

My motion calls on the Victorian Government to review the defence of mental impairment to ‘act proven but not criminally responsible’.

Making parliament a safe workplace

As a place of high office, parliaments are expected to be a place of best practice and high standards. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes quite the opposite, and I proposed a review of the workplace to ensure mechanisms are sufficient to respond to bullying and harrasment.

Finding Terry Floyd

Terry Floyd went missing on 28 June 1975. The 12-year-old boy left the Avoca post office to find a ride back to Maryborough. To this day Terry’s body has never been found.

Proposed quarry is the pits

The government should listen to the loud voice of the community and reject the disastrous planning application for a quarry that is set to gut the connecting communities of Beveridge and Wallan.

Rail users deserve Sunshine stop

Failure to reinstate the former standard gauge platform as part of the Sunshine station redevelopment will seriously disadvantage north-east Victorian and Riverina travellers.

Election commitments can shrink rural gaps

A lot rides on the big numbers touted in this year’s Victorian budget