6 July 2020

Member for Northern Victoria, Tania Maxwell MP has said that towns in Northern Victoria will face extraordinary inconveniences as the state announced border closures between New South Wales and Victoria.

Ms Maxwell said her call to the Government for regional trading bubbles was more urgent than ever, as businesses face further hardship under the border closures and said the Premier should immediately ease trading restrictions in regional areas.

There are close to 40 border crossings between Victoria and New South Wales, many with single lane roads, and Ms Maxwell said it could be a nightmare for locals.  Thousands of people face long delays getting to work and accessing essential services, in particular hospitals and general health services, as well as providing care and wellbeing.

Ms Maxwell has asked the Government for an urgent briefing to understand how information about border controls would be communicated to border communities and what supports would be put in place.

Ms Maxwell said she had reached out to councils across Northern Victoria and would work with them to convey concerns and issues back to Government.

Quotes by Tania Maxwell MP

“Border towns are really going to bear the brunt of the consequences of what is a metropolitan outbreak.”

“I appreciate the seriousness with which the spread of the pandemic needs to be managed, however towns with low and no cases continue to experience massive inconvenience and financial consequences as a result.”

“Our communities would no doubt prefer controls on the movement of people to happen closer to Metropolitan Melbourne.”