Entries by Tania Maxwell

Adjournment- Mandatory sentencing

I have once again called on the Attorney General to close the loophole for minimum sentencing for assaults on emergency workers. The mandatory sentence applied to a case in January was encouraging but the legislation still needs to be strengthened to ensure greater rights for victims and so that a meaningful deterrent is delivered to offenders.

Adjournment- CFA Fire services

Following the disastrous recent bushfires across the state, I asked the Minister to clarify what, if any, provisions are in place to ensure that CFA Volunteers are heard and understood by the government so that their views are genuinely reflected in policies and arrangements, including in relation to vehicle deployment, that govern their actions and operations.

Constituency Question- Cause of bushfires

I asked the Minister for Police and Emergency Services if she could indicate what information the government possesses about the actual ignition sources of each of the recent bushfires. I asked the Minister if she could state how many separate bushfires began in Northern Victoria Region and in what cases has the ignition source been identified. I asked for further clarification with regards to what percentage of these fires where naturally ignited or ignited by human cause.

Question without Notice- CFA resourcing

CFA volunteer brigades continue to be forced to individually fundraise for their own equipment, including essential operational equipment. Even in cases where they happen to be awarded volunteer emergency services equipment program grants, they still need to contribute $1 of their own money for every $2 of government funding. I asked the Minister, in view of the many severe shortfalls and safety risks that result from the current funding arrangements, when will CFA volunteers be consulted about and involved in helping design an improved model that is better resourced and tailored to their needs?