Entries by Tania Maxwell

Adjournment- Concerns of CFA volunteers

The action I seek from the Emergency Services Minister is that she participate, with me, in an online meeting with CFA volunteers from my electorate. I request this because volunteers continue to express to me their considerable frustration and disenchantment with the implementation of Victoria’s fire services restructure. CFA volunteers are feeling increasingly undervalued, unappreciated and disillusioned.  They also believe that Victoria’s until-now longstanding volunteer firefighting model and ethos is in danger of collapse. 

Statement- Sitting of Legislative Council in Victorian Parliament during COVID Stage 4 restrictions

The Legislative Council will sit today, with some members present, following deliberations between
the Government, Opposition and crossbenchers yesterday.
There was a difficult choice to be made between two central priorities. One, is the importance to
have the opportunity to scrutinise Government, the other is the very strong advice from a health
perspective to defer Parliament.

Constituency Question- Eligibility for Small Business Bushfire Support Grant

Many small business owners and primary producers in my electorate, in the Towong, Alpine and Indigo Shires, have applied for the $10,000 Small Business Bushfire Support Grant in the wake of the disastrous 2019-20 bushfires. Unfortunately it appears that many applicants’ claims for support have been rejected – because of the near-universal application of the strict 40% revenue decline rule.

Constituency Question- Travel for real estate inspections during COVID

My constituents, especially around Mansfield, are telling me that a host of people have been travelling to Northern Victoria from Melbourne during recent weeks.  Many of these visitors are saying that they have come to inspect local real estate.
To my great surprise, I understand this has been permitted as a reason to leave home – even under restrictions that purport to allow only essential movement.

Members Statement- Border closure

Regrettably, the shock 6 July announcement of the shutdown of the Victoria-New South Wales border has meant that many individuals, businesses and other organisations in border communities (where there still remain no, or very low numbers of, cases of coronavirus) are now being excessively punished for the mistakes of others elsewhere.