Entries by Tania Maxwell

Question without Notice- Black Spur

My question is to the Minister for Roads, Ms Pulford. It follows her Ministerial Statement yesterday, and previous Question Time exchanges between us on 18 June and 13 August, about accidents and safety issues on the Black Spur road in Murrindindi.

Members Statement – Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards

The Regional Achievement and Community Awards acknowledge the tireless work of individuals, communities, businesses and groups to support the social, economic, commercial or environmental prosperity of regional and rural areas. Finalists of this year’s awards included many dynamic programs from across Northern Victoria including TwistED Science of Echuca, Wandoon Estate Aboriginal Corporation of Healesville, Food Next Door of Mildura, Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services, Tyrrell College of Sea Lake.

Constituency Question- Cobram crime

I held a forum on 19 September with residents in Cobram. They raised many issues of concern, including the lack of a 24 hour police station anywhere in the Moira Shire. I asked the Ministerwhether she will act to increase Victoria Police’s resources and presence in Cobram – and whether she would be prepared to accept an invitation to join with the local community and me at a meeting at a mutually convenient time to discuss this and associated issues?

Motion- Emergency Services Workers Mandatory sentencing

My Motion for Mandatory sentencing for assaults on Emergency Services workers. I want to send the unequivocal message to this State’s emergency workers (and want it to be heard far and wide) that we salute your bravery, courage and selflessness in looking after Victorians every day that you are at work. We support and admire you. And, when it comes specifically to those of you who have been assaulted (and who deserve to see those who attacked you genuinely brought to justice), we unashamedly take your side.

Constituency Question- Dhurringile Prison

My constituency question is to the Minister for Corrections. It follows events at the Dhurringile Prison in late August, when authorities were apparently unaware that a prisoner had escaped until a member of the local community phoned them. I ask the Minister if (and when) the Government will seek to implement less intrusive and aggressive means of monitoring movements of private citizens around the gaol?

Adjournment-Farm Crime

My adjournment matter is for the Police Minister. I have previously raised here the ever-escalating problem of farm crime. I seek from the Minister is the provision of a statement with full details of what funding is being allocated to each of the initiatives that she announced on 23 September as being new. I ask for clarification of how many AGLOs there were across Victoria Police immediately prior to 23 September, and how (in a day to day sense) the roles of the FCLOs will practically differ from what the AGLOs were previously doing. Including whether the FCLOs will be working full time on farm crime issues or splitting this activity with other policing duties.