My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Education. It is about the practice of philanthropy and ways in which we as politicians might build on the selfless giving of others to create wider ranging and more enduring benefits for Victorians. In this respect I would like to focus my contribution tonight on the amazing work of the Tomorrow Today Foundation in Benalla. Since its inception in 2002 this foundation has very successfully enhanced peoples’ lives throughout the Benalla district by organising and encouraging locals to donate their own time, money and/or professional skills to help their fellow residents across a diversity of fields and projects. Time does not permit me to adequately encapsulate or even list all of the organisation’s many achievements. Instead I will pay most attention to its excellent parents early education partnership, or the PEEP initiative. This playgroup is convened weekly, connects early education professionals to around 200 families with children aged zero to five and is aimed at ensuring that those children start school literally ready to learn. I highlight this PEEP program because the results are spectacular. Over the past four years, for instance, there has been a remarkable turnaround in Benalla’s ranking across Victorian local government areas for the percentage of its children assessed as developmentally vulnerable on entering school. The district has rocketed from last—in 79th place across all 79 LGAs on that measure—up to 19th position, which is a fantastic result. Much like the outcomes in many of the other projects in which the foundation has partnered or that it has initiated and/or led, PEEP has generated a myriad of benefits. These have included dramatically enhancing the educational, health and general life prospects of the children involved—prospects which begin lower, as a rule, in disadvantaged communities. It is these achievements that prompt the action I seek from the minister—namely, that he accept an invitation to join me in a visit to this wonderful foundation. I ask that because I think close collaboration between the state and Tomorrow Today could help to further extend the foundation’s early intervention impact across Benalla and its surrounds. More broadly, by suitably exploring the possibilities for replicating the PEEP model in other regional settings I believe we also have the potential to help many, many more children across Victoria. In that context it might be appropriate if I close by citing Winston Churchill’s timeless quote about philanthropy that ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’.