My adjournment matter is for the Attorney-General and is on specific problems in the administration of guardianship arrangements. My constituents in Northern Victoria Region are alerting me to those particular situations where a patient is ready for discharge from hospital but where it has also been decided they will need a guardian to help oversee their lifestyle, their personal decision making and/or their recovery and subsequent care. There is often a protracted wait for a guardianship application to be processed through VCAT. Frequently this lasts several weeks and sometimes even a number of months. In the interim everyone affected is subjected to a very frustrating delay and all of the associated risks and costs this creates. For the hospital concerned, this situation generally creates many logistical problems. This includes an obligation to keep the relevant patient under their care for all of that extra time. It also frequently sparks a situation of exhausted funding, with no public funding provided for that bed beyond a particular date. From the patient’s own point of view, the situation is hardly desirable either. Normally people want to quickly leave any healthcare facility once they are deemed well enough to do so, but in these particular circumstances they are prevented from exercising that will. At a broader level there are also obvious adverse ramifications for the incoming patients waiting to access the relevant bed in each such case, especially for those requiring acute care. The action that I seek from the Attorney-General is that she clarifies what government resourcing is currently being made available to the Office of the Public Advocate and/or VCAT to specifically expedite guardian allocations and whether the government will in any way commit to any further future financial support in this area, including potentially through an extension to the health networks pilot jointly conducted by OPA and the Alfred, Eastern and Monash health networks. I ask this particularly in light of that pilot project’s stunning success in its first year, in 2017–18, in helping to reduce the average time between VCAT guardianship lodgement and allocation from 46.5 days to 23.4 days for OPA guardians. As such this pilot also contributed to more than $15 000 in cost savings per patient or more than $5 extra released into the health system for every dollar spent on increased staffing.