My adjournment matter is for the Police Minister. I have previously raised here the ever-escalating problem of farm crime – and was therefore very interested in her media release of 23rd September.  This said the Government would be creating, and I quote, “a specialised … unit … targeting farm crime, including livestock and equipment theft” with “more than 70 new Farm Crime Liaison Officers”.  Since then, I have spoken to many constituents and key stakeholders who, I unfortunately have to say, have been left disappointed by the impressions that were given of a new and rejuvenated approach. These people are insisting to me that, in reality, not much in the way of change will be occurring at all.  Far from leading to the wide-ranging improvements they feel are desperately required in the policing of rural and farm crime, they think the announcement does little more than re-badge the roles previously undertaken by Victoria Police’s Agricultural Liaison Officers (or AGLOs).  They are also convinced the 70-plus Farm Crime Liaison Officers are not at least 70 new personnel but simply 70 or so people with new titles. Whilst they don’t doubt the Minister’s assertions that it will help that a specialist Inspector will head the unit and there will be better monitoring of crime trends and patterns, it is fair to say that these people believe far more comprehensive changes are still urgently required to counteract farm crime and to start restoring the morale of many communities in relation to it. In particular, these constituents and key stakeholders had hoped the Government would recognise (especially in considering the recently-conducted but yet-to-be-publicly-released AGLO review) that it needed to appoint officers dedicated to solving farm crime full-time rather than just in addition to their other, everyday duties.  As has successfully occurred in New South Wales. Given all of this, the action I seek from the Minister is the provision of a statement with full details of what funding is being allocated to each of the initiatives that she announced on 23 September as being new.  As part of that, I ask for clarification of how many AGLOs there were across Victoria Police immediately prior to 23 September, and how (in a day to day sense) the roles of the FCLOs will practically differ from what the AGLOs were previously doing.  Including whether the FCLOs will be working full time on farm crime issues or splitting this activity with other policing duties.