I congratulate Luke Chilcott from Wangaratta on receiving a gold medal of bravery by The Royal Humane Society of Australasia, presented by the Victorian Governor.

On 25 April 2017, Luke and his family gave refuge to his neighbour Ora Holt and her four children in a horrific incident of family violence, in which Ora was murdered by her husband before he turned the gun on himself.

After Luke barricaded their front door, Ora Holt’s husband, armed with a high-calibre rifle, smashed his way through the Chilcott’s front window, in front of their young son while Ora and her children hid in a back room.

Luke put himself in between the gunman and hallway this gave Ora Holt critical time to usher her children out a back door to safety.

I am very fortunate to have met with Luke Chilcott to discuss reforms to the justice system and supports for victims of crime.  It still saddens me that Luke and his family were, as I see it, not classified appropriately under Victims of Crime support and this has had significant financial implications for them as they rebuild their lives.

Coroner Englished commended Luke’s actions and Detective Leading Senior Constable Wade Spokes called him ‘selfless’ and ‘courageous’. There is no doubt that Luke is a true hero.